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Click the LEFT MOUSE or SPACE to jump, click "J" to attack. Also you can modify the button used in the attack in the setting.
It’s a Rhythm-based Action Platformer with thousands of levels created by players.
You can jump, fly, slash and fire to complete various courses each with unique soundtracks. Under the right rhythm, accurately tap makes it easier to clear the level.
By using our easy-to-use level editor, everyone can make their own levels and share them to friends.
This is a cross-platform, you can make your level via computer and play it on mobile phone. Use your phone's camera to create a unique background. Also using the recording function to set the music and effects for your game. There are a variety of scene styles to choose from in the editor, you can even upload the photo to set the image of the protagonist.

Install instructions

Download and unzip the file , open  [BeatRunner_v0.82_c4]  and double click [launcher] , then you can open the game.


BeatRunner_v0.82_c4.zip 109 MB

Development log


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Make a Easter egg

Which new level editor background image (concept version) do you like? Just let me know.

Make your own level without programming  !

It's a really fun game. It's like GD with more personality

I played this game for my Indie Game Showcase and I really did enjoy it. I love rhythm games. This reminded me a bit of Geometry Dash with the chances of attacking. Also the music is really good in this game.

I did include the gameplay highlight of the game here.

i do make a gameplay video (german) have a look Guys ;) Deutsches Angezockt, schaut mal rein :)

good job!

Tips: you can choose or change a fit background picture for your level.


This game is freaking awesome! I don't play many rhythm games, I like Geometry Dash and Beat Sabre, but this is so good. The songs are nice and the art style is original and suits the gameplay amazingly. I had a lot of fun and will deffo be playing more created levels. 


Hope you enjoy Beat  Runner and welcome join us in discord

Set hotkeys, make it your way.

First off, great job. Really love this game. Plan to put more time into it and explore the level creation. So good.


Welcome to Beat Runner,  come and join us in discord! discord.gg/4Sjpbne 

Will do! :D

How to use the Speed change block? 

Let's see.

Make your level more fun!

Streaming Beat runner for the third time! This game is so fun!


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How to make a perfect BGM?    Follow the RED DOT in this video  and give it a try.

Awesome game I loved it if you guys love what I do support your boi by subscribng really means a lot!!

Try the new version, it will be more easier.

thanks for letting me know bro I will give a shot

Click WORKSHOP,  you will see ALL the levels from every player.  

Remember give the THUMB if you like the level!   :P


Come and join us! discord.gg/4Sjpbne 

I am still trying, but it's a really good level!    LOL

Ayy! This game is lit! Live streamed it on my channel x3

Come on! Maybe next time you will be able to pass the level!

Planning on doing another stream of it eventually! x3

This game is a ton of fun!

Just wanted to say i streamed it again! This game is so much fun!


Happy Chinese New Year!!!

We wish everyone good luck!

so... this seems like Geometry Dash but easier. I bet there's even a Deadlocked level by someone, heh.

You may like to attack when you are running.    :D

so i guess now i know what my next level will be

Awesome Games I loved Play it!! Even though your guys game is beta I loved it!! Keep Up the Goods Work developer. Solid Game Mechanic and I hope you developer will continue work on this amazing games!! Looking forward to see yours guys making for amazing level!! Your level are challenge really has the flow!! If you guys want to see my full review check out my video!! Subscribe to my channel to make amazing content!! All your guys support really appreciated thanks!!

Thank you soooo much!!! We will  make more  levels and keep update. Enjoy the game!

No problem Developer Each week I gonna play more of your guys level and gave better review as the time goes by!! This game will be my weekly series !! Keep up the work work bro your game is one of the best game I ever played!!